Scene Selection for an Edit

I directed my first short film in January of 2018.  The fun stuff is over and the tedious work begins.  On Thursday, February 8th, I met with two of my post production crew and we began the daunting task of footage review and scene selection!  Yay….  While it’s been fun, it’s also a cringe inducing task if you also are IN the project you’re editing.  You never realize how awkward your face and body moves until you watch it do those things over and over.  In all seriousness, it’s been quite educational and valuable.

Seeing a film constructed from start to finish is very cool.  When it comes to editing, you never realize how pieced together the whole thing is.  We have one scene in particular that is quite long and emotional and we selected different takes for different moments.  Figuring out the formula of moving between the wide, actor A’s close up, actor’s B close up, which take is more affective for which moment, etc for this one scene was quite fascinating.  I think it will be our most complicated edit but it’s also our most important scene.

Our loose deadline is March 24th.  We have a few festivals with Spring deadlines we are hoping to make.  I am so happy with how things are looking so far and I’ve learned so much doing this film.  My ultimate goal is to be accepted into Heartland Film Festival and receive some sort of nomination.  I really, really believe in this film and it means a lot to my team and me.

First Blog Post

So here I am, writing my first blog.  I plan to use this blog to chronicle my endeavors in the film/etc industry.  I also hope to start a YouTube channel to achieve a similar effect as well.  I can’t make guarantees about my frequency with posting, but I hope to stay somewhat consistent.